In addition to Diablo Immortal, a mobile version of the classic Diablo action franchise, game developer Blizzard has announced new content for Overwatch, Hearthstone and Warcraft in Blizzcon 2018, while Destiny 2 will be free until November 18.

The annual Blizzard Blizzcon fan convention was held on November 2 and 3, and major ads played several central studio franchises in Diablo, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Warcraft.

A new version of Diablo, the legendary franchise of action games and role-playing games, was highly anticipated, although its mobile format was a surprise for a community accustomed to playing on computers and, through the Diablo III of 2013, at the console.

The Chinese Internet firm Netease, which is already a domestic partner of several other Blizzard titles, has participated in the development of Diablo Immortal, which promises a faithful continuation of the Diablo formula.

The previous games have caused players to descend, level by level, into an underworld full of monsters, treasures and equipment, ending with an evil and powerful demon that must be killed.

Diablo 3 adopted a portable format through a version of November 2 for Nintendo Switch and Diablo Immortal will continue on the same path.

However, despite the mobile format, players must have an online connection due to a massive multiplayer element present in the new title.

The launch date of the game for iOS and Android has not yet been announced.

Additional Blizzcon 2018 ads included Warcraft III: Reforged, a new 2019 version of the classic 2002 strategy that became a precursor to Dota 2 and League Of Legends; Ashe, a new character for the Overwatch team action game, as well as a Kellogg cereal link called Luci-oh’s for December; and an expansion called Rastakhan’s Rumble for the Hearthstone digital card game on December 4.

An important content update for World Of Warcraft, Tides Of Vengeance, will be made on December 11, while the retro remake of World Of Warcraft Classic was scheduled for mid-2019.

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s sister company, the video game publisher Activision, scheduled a free delivery of the science fiction game Destiny 2 on the PC to coincide with Blizzcon. Available through, the offer lasts until November 18.

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